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Vegan Food Trucks Invade

Vegan Food Trucks Invade Los Angeles

Food trucks are taking over our cities’ streets, and consumers are rejoicing over the expanding trend. With street food becoming more abundant, it’s exposing us to more culturally diverse eats at cheap prices, and it’s giving us all a chance to branch out and try new foods that “pop up” randomly on our street corners.

While the trend is just hitting cities some cities like Chicago, it’s been going strong in others for some time. In Los Angeles, trendy food trucks have been serving the community for the last few years, and the latest craze in street cuisine is going meatless. Vegetarian and vegan food trucks are invading Los Angeles, and eager consumers are happy to jump on board to support these new businesses. Check out LA’s newest and finest vegan food trucks:



Yalla Falafel Truck

This entirely vegetarian Mediterranean food truck specializes in falafel but also doles out Middle Eastern classics like baba ghanoush, tabbouleh, and pita chips. Located in Mid-City Los Angeles, just outside of the LA County Museum of Art, the Yalla truck does very well for itself. Just hop onto Yelp and see the happy customers who rave about the impeccable falafel and the owners’ dedication to serving strictly meat-free fare.


Fresh Fries

Everybody likes French fries. Scratch that, everybody loves French fries. And sad vegetarians need no longer fear going out for a fatty meal of fries and feast only to find that the rest of the menu is purely beef. At Fresh Fries in Los Angeles, where you can choose from Natural, Curly, or Sweet Potato, the entire menu is meatless—and several vegan options are at your disposal. Move beyond your usual comfort zone and opt for some of the truck’s “fancy fries:” the Peanut Buttercup is sweet potato fries loaded with Nutella and peanut butter; the Curry Crazy comes with curry mayo, curry ketchup, and mango chutney; and with the Goat Cheese, you get fries and warm goat cheese topped with raspberry sauce.


JAM Vegan Bakery

This exclusively vegan bakery has already been established in Los Angeles as a store-front business, but the girls behind the scene are currently raising funds to form a roaming truck, hoping to serve their animal-free indulgences to the vegan masses on the streets. While you can find cake pops, cookies, and other baked treats at JAM, the name of the game is cupcakes—and they are darn good here, vegan or not. Ingredients are natural, organic, and sourced locally when possible. Stay tuned on JAM’s site for updates on their food truck status.


Green Truck

You know a food truck with the motto “healing our plant one meal at a time” is up to something “green.” And at Los Angeles’s Green Truck, that’s exactly what they’re up to—organic, all-natural, and largely vegetarian cuisine. This truck is one of the nation’s oldest when it comes to green cuisine, and they remain one of the most popular, in California and beyond. With new expansion reaching out to NYC, this company is on a big mission to get folks eating leaner, greener, and more sustainably. Check out their Mother Trucker burger for a vegan hunger-crusher: it’s their signature patty, loaded with seasonal veggies and sprouts and topped with a vegan Thousand Island-esque dressing.


By Kimberley Anne