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Reduce Tension in Your Neck and Shoulders

When we begin to feel stressed, we tend to carry the tension in our neck and shoulders. We almost literally carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. Unfortunately, this can result in poor posture and a near-chronic neck or shoulder pain. This pain in turn makes us more irritable, impatient, and agitated. The end result is a bad day filled with stress and uncomfortable feelings. However, the better your posture, the less likely you are to carry stress in your neck and shoulders. Here are a few tips to help you have a better posture during the day:

1. Walking. When you’re walking to work, you want to gaze up as you walk instead of looking down. You should try to lengthen your neck upwards, as if you’re standing up tall. After you feel like you’ve mastered it, relax your shoulders instead of keeping them tight. You also want to make sure you don’t overload your purse, briefcase, or body bag.

2. Sleeping. It’s easy to tweak your neck during the middle of the night. Unfortunately, it results in a day or two of discomfort and a bad temper. Avoid the situation altogether by choosing a pillow that doesn’t prop up your neck too high. You can even buy a pillow that is specially made to support the natural curve of your neck.

3. Driving. Whether you’re commuting to work or driving to a friend’s house, we spend a significant time in the car. That’s why it’s important to make sure your posture is excellent. Make sure to adjust your seat so that you can move your feet freely between the pedals without moving or leaning your back away from the back of the seat. Just like when you’re walking, you’ll want to relax your shoulders and soften your grip on the wheel. You also want to make sure you have good lumbar support for your back. You can place a small pillow between the small of your back and the seat for more support.


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By Brittany Roshelle Davis