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Easy Ways to Cut Back on Calories

Easy Ways to Cut Back on Calories

Temperatures are rising, and the warm weather calls for bikinis, tank tops, and short shorts. Now is the time to put those old New Year’s resolutions into execution and finally lose that weight. The most basic way to lose the weight to cut out excess calories—many experts say 500 fewer calories a week equals a pound lost. Before heading to the mall for new swimwear, cut some calories just in time for the beach!

Put your beverage on a diet

Popular coffee drinks, smoothies, and other specialized beverages are known for their whipped cream toppings and sweet additives. These whipped toppings can include syrups, caramel, whole milks, and even sugar crumbles. These toppings can account for over 500 calories, depending on the size of the drink.

Put your salad on a diet

Complicated gourmet salads can send calories through the roof. Adding nuts, cheeses, avocado, bacon bits, and dressings can make a salad as bad as fried cake. Choose salad toppings wisely and keep them limited to heart-healthy fats like avocados and olive oil.

Ditch the extra nuts

Although they contain protein and healthy fats, nuts are also full of calories. A full cup of mixed nuts contains over 500 calories! If your go-to snack of choice is nuts, and you’re eating them morning and night, you might opt for cutting back to just a sprinkle here and there. Use nuts as a garnish on fresh salads and pastas, and snack only on the smallest of handfuls once a day.

Check your plate

Choosing a smaller plate for your meals automatically sets you up for smaller portions when you dine. Buy smaller plates and eat smaller meals, without feeling like you’ve had less than a “full plate’s worth!”

No TV munching

Studies have shown that we eat far more calories when we eat thoughtlessly while watching television. Try eating before watching your favorite primetime series or, better yet, trading in the TV for some physical activity instead.

Count it out

When munching on chips or cracker snacks, serving sizes are usually determined by the number of pieces eaten. Control the amount you ahead of time, especially if the bag is large.



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By Tiffany Black